Expired: $14 Landscaper / Laborer – FT

Position starts in April through mid September. There could be an opportunity to be asked to stay on through the winter depending on job performance and abilities. Pay Rate: Starting $14 per hour DOE.

Job Description: We are looking for a laborer that has versatile skills. Every week the job may change, due to the needs of our clients. The person we hire must be able to shift from job to job, duty to duty at a moment’s notice. There are no set hours. The hours may vary due to the job that is being performed. For Landscaping, some days the job will start at 8am. The work is performed outdoors, and on many days, in the rain. Landscaping duties that might be performed are mowing, weeding, pruning, barking, outside cleaning and brush clearing. For Sweeping Duties on certain days, the laborer will perform cleanup duties as a team, with the workday starting around 4am. We have a powerful vacuum truck that one person will drive around the parking lot cleaning up debris. The other member of the team uses a back pack blower to clean the corners and hard to reach areas. For Pressure Washing Duties, buildings, sidewalks and objects are cleaned using a high-powered pressure washer.

Laborer Duties you might be called upon to be a helper in our construction segment of our company, or you may help deliver items in our delivery segment of our company. There may also be duties that may come up that are not listed in this job description you may be asked to perform. Pay for this position starts at $14 per hour. Raises may be given during the summer based on your performance. Dependability, work ethic, experience, attitude, and your ability to follow verbal and written instructions are all key factors in earning more money per hour. Other requirements that are needed is a valid driver’s license and a driving record in good standing. A person who is mechanically inclined, has experience in the construction industry and/or a clean background history will move to the top of the hiring list. To apply for this position, please submit your resume to this post. With your resume, please also submit three work references with valid phone numbers.